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 Feature List Overview


Presentation Layer: Required Components
No Feature Description
 1  Controller A generic controller developer, developer just have to configure default values. Controller will assign automatic the posted values to POJO
 2  Model Hibernate POJOs are the model, no extra development is required. POJOs are transformed to JSON object using a custom serializer and returned to the client
 3  View Configure the View throught XML, it will be translated to Ext j.s compoents(Grids or Forms).
 4  Overal Developer has to configure the components using Spring Container and no new classes are required.


Presentation Layer: Integrated Ext j.s Grid Features
No Feature Description
 1  Expander + Multiple Detail Grids Allow multiple detail grids on a master record(including detail level). 
 2  Filters server/client side Supported types of filters are string/numeric/date/checkbox/lists
 3  Expander + Custom detail Define custom record detail view using freemarker
 4  Custom Renderers support Define custom renderers for columns
 5  Records Buttons  
 6  Right Click Record Buttons  
 7  Personalized settings saved in db Allow a user to set its  personalized view of a form 
 8  Export Data in excel Export data to excel based on the view of the grid and column data types
 9  Print Grid data Integraded Print functionality
 10 Totals, Subtotals  
 11 Paging Serverside  
 12 Grids in popup/new page  


Presentation Layer: Integrated Ext j.s Input Form Features
No Feature Description
 1  Multiple Detail Edit Grids Allow multiple editable grids 
 2  Validation server/client side Specify client side or/and server side validators. The errors will be presented next to problematic the field/cell
 3  Renderers / Listeners  Custom renderers or listeners can be attached on fields
 4  Input data type text/long/double/date etc  
 5  Supported input components: Input box/ textarea/radio/checkbox/from to date/ date/ htmleditor/ combo (static/ dynamic) User can specify its own components 
 6 Tabs/Accordeon Layout Under Construction
 7 Export form as pdf  Automatic export as pdf


Presentation Layer: Translation Features
No Feature Description
 1  Translations in database  
 2  Management of translations Module Module that support the management of the translations


Services Layer: Validation Features
No Feature Description
 1 Full Intgration of Oval Validation Framework Developer can specify on the POJO level validation rules based on annotations. Errors generated by Oval are translated to Jprovocateur errors and returned to the frontend, next to the problematic field or Cell
 2  Validation Phase During the Validation phase,  addtional business validation rules can be implemented.


Services Layer: Access Rights
No Feature Description
 Access rights based on user roles User gets access to Business Cases based on its roles. Administrator must configured the roles that are allowed to execute the Business Case class. If user tries to execute a
 Manage Users/Roles/BCs/Access Rights Modules are developed in order for an administrator to be able to grant/revoke access rights to roles.

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